You will finally be able to microphone any of your instruments properly, in a cost effective way from your home or recording studio without need of experience to record any band or song you want. How many of you found yourselves struggling to understand how to position your mic and what model is the most suitable for your instrument or production? How many of you have been truly satisfied? How many of you just gave up, tired of spending hours trying to make sense of all the conflicting reports out there? 
We have gathered and studied for you in a very accurate and professional way all the most advanced and fundamental  techniques. They are ordered by name, technique and instrument, ready to use without any kind of difficulty or limits, to achieve the sound that you have always been looking for. All you have to do now is just leave to easy mic. We are not asking you to know all the microphones in the world or to do any math calculation, look, listen and pick the sound  that suits you the most.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Easy Mic an online course?
EasyMic is not a regular online course. It’s a full database of microphone techniques where you can learn how to achieve the sound that you have always been looking for.
How many techniques can I learn?
Each package contains over 60 videos and detailed images of the best microphone techniques.
Should I pay a subscription?
Absolutely not. You can buy a package and it will remain active in your account forever.
What payment methods are accepted?
At the moment you can only pay through PayPal secure checkout.

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